Lab monitoring

Increase efficiency by collecting
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Steer your attention by creating comprehensive overviews of lab activities

Get notified when something is wrong

Passive device monitoring is great but you don’t want to stay inactive if your equipment is not working properly.

To help you easily detect anomalies, define time intervals in which your data should be monitored and get updates in real-time. If instrument values go out of range, you will be notified immediately via email.

Sharing and measurement tracking

Export dashboard layouts as templates or share them with colleagues directly in Laboperator. This allows multiple users to always track measurements in a consistent way.

All collected data is retrievable from a designated full audit trail that can also be exported. Besides providing an end-to-end documentation of data, this enables you to also track user activities on certain laboratory devices.

Organize and monitor your laboratory devices

Monitor your devices 24/7

In Laboperator you can connect instrument sensors (fridges, incubators, etc.) to passively monitor parameters required for their accurate function.

More importantly, you can now connect and track any laboratory instrument including scales, shakers and moisturizers. All your devices are now available in one single interface.

Remote access and device control

Besides immediate data collection, remote access of devices allows for the control of laboratory equipment from anywhere at any point of time.

This enables more flexible work routines that may improve capacity utilization. Being a web-based application, you can monitor and control your instruments in every device including tablets.

Build custom dashboards

Create dedicated dashboards for individual devices to keep track of the parameters you want to evaluate.

Select from a set of elements, such as Gauges, Switches, Line Charts, to display your data. Easily adapt the layout to arrange a best fit overview using Drag & Drop.

Export all the collected data points as CSV or Excel files for further analysis or documentation.

Connect your lab effectively.
Organize your devices!

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