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Monitor laboratory devices

The ability to monitor devices remotely is revolutionising the way research and development is conducted. It gives you additional access to the laboratory at any time required, facilitating a smarter approach to research. Laboratory monitoring goes hand in hand with automation, and when used in conjunction, you can increase throughput, productivity and maximise both machine and researcher potential.

It is a particularly helpful tool to use on both the analytical and non-analytical elements of research operations, given it’s ability to collect high-throughput data. Monitoring is a crucial feature of the Internet of Things (IoT), as it can provide useful information on instrument performance, helping operators make key decisions on device utilization. With it’s implementation, you can streamline your experimental processes and achieve greater flexibility in the laboratory.

By taking us one step closer to a more connected, smarter laboratory environment, this technology can significantly improve productivity levels in research and development, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries.

Advantages of laboratory monitoring

Monitor experiments remotely
Real-time Notifications
Optimize Operations
Monitor Instrument Performance

Laboratory monitoring enables you to collect and collate data from connected devices without human assistance. With device monitoring, you can receive updates in real-time and detect anomalies in your equipment. The system connects you to your devices, enabling greater flexibility and agility in the laboratory.

By implementing laboratory monitoring you can collect high-throughput data, onto a centralized platform. It allows you to maximise your equipment’s potential, in doing so you can streamline your experimental procedures, adjusting them with no compromises having to be made over time of day or attendance. In short, a monitoring system enables you to have greater control over your laboratory.

Advantages of lab monitoring, laptop with Laboperator interface

Our Approach to Lab Monitoring

Receive Real-time Updates

Our approach comes in the form of our Laboratory Execution System, which is able to both automate equipment and monitor it. With Laboperator you can schedule updates in real-time and receive notifications when any faults in equipment/devices are found, allowing you to quickly rectify the situation. This system allows you to oversee all your equipment without even being present in the laboratory.

Additionally, with Laboperator you can define time intervals in which your data is monitored, this ensures that you capture the crucial parts of the experiment procedure. This can be at any time in the day, so you can experiments when it’s the optimal time, rather than when is most convenient for you and your team. These features bring additional flexibility and accessibility to the laboratory, enabling researchers to have more control.

Sharing and measurement tracking

All collected data is retrievable from a designated full audit trail that can also be exported. Besides providing end-to-end documentation of data, this enables you to track all activities on your laboratory devices

In Laboperator you can also export your dashboard layouts as templates or share them with colleagues directly. This allows multiple users to always track measurements in a consistent and standardised manner. Laboperator is also able to be used alongside other systems such as the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) or Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), giving you another layer of flexibility on how research data is shared within your team. Laboperator doesn’t just connect you to your devices, it connects laboratory teams, enabling greater collaboration in research and development.

Monitor your devices 24/7

  • With Laboperator you are able to connect instrument sensors such as fridges, incubators, etc. to passively monitor parameters when required.
  • With remote access, you can detect any irregularities in your equipment, and also conduct experiments at any time of the day at no inconvenience.
  • You are also able to connect and track any instrument in the laboratory, this includes scales, shakers and moisturizers. With this platform all devices are available on one single interface, uniting the laboratory environment.
Laboperator interface for all devices, resources and workflows

Connect devices and share their access with colleagues

Remote access and device control

  • Laboperator facilitates immediate data collection from equipment, allowing it to be accessed at any time. Besides this remote access of devices also allows for the control of laboratory equipment from anywhere at any point in time.
  • This enables more flexible work routines that may improve capacity utilization. Being a web-based application, you can monitor and control your instruments on every device including tablets.

Build custom dashboards

  • In Laboperator you are able to create dashboards for individual devices to keep track of the parameters you want to evaluate.
  • You can select from a set of elements, such as Gauges, Switches, Line Charts, to display your data.
  • Using the Drag & Drop feature you can adapt your dashboard layout to arrange the best-fit overview with ease, tailoring it to your specific research requirements.
  • You can also export all the collected data points as CSV or Excel files for further analysis or documentation when required.
Custom dashboards in Laboperator show relevant data

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