Lab automation

Manage laboratory devices through
tailor-made and automated workflows


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Simplify work routines by streamlining complex processes

All your lab equipment automated

Laboratory automation comes in many shapes and forms. Usually it means purchasing expensive robots or being forced to a single brand ecosystem that limits your expansion options.

At Laboperator, we took an agile approach to automation, that enables you to use the devices you already have and evolve your lab into a connected ecosystem.

A complete lab execution system

Laboperator is more than just a simple lab automation tool because it combines step-by-step instructions containing manual and automated steps.

Through the connection and control of lab devices from a single platform, individual tasks can be coordinated more efficiently and data documentation can be fully automated. You can build any number of workflows with different devices in sequential steps.

Build the right setup for automating your laboratory workflows

Contextual data on the go

Instead of collecting unrelated data points, Laboperator provides a comprehensive view of each value in relation to the experimental context.

Map your data to specific steps in each run, to pin down variations while still keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Being a web-based application, Laboperator is accessible via every device allowing you to control all instruments and collect data from anywhere.

Take single measurements or work through multi-step processes

Once you have connected your instruments, you can start collecting individual data instantly. Or you can define routine work sequences with several steps, from simple workflows to complex processes.

  • Individual measurements let you collect data whenever you want, including after the completion of your experiment,
  • Workflows guide you through the experiment and collect data from various steps including multiple instruments.

Share automations within your team

Working in regulated environments requires the usage of common protocols and SOPs. Access rights can be defined to meet the appropriate compliance regulations.

With the Laboperator you can define who should have access to specific workflows. These share settings can be re-defined at any point of time and therefore easily expedite the onboarding of new team members to your processes.

Automate your laboratory workflows.

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