Device Management

Vendor-independent integrations

Many lab devices come from various vendors and form a constantly evolving, adaptive ecosystem. Connect and manage any laboratory equipment that has a digital data output, including scales and stirrers.

Each connector holds up to 4 devices and an unlimited number of boxes can be controlled in the same interface.

Streamline data collection

Documenting data accurately is not only time consuming, but also prone to transcription errors. Something as simple as a misplaced decimal point can heavily skew the results. Why not automatically transfer your data from the instruments to your server or data management solution?


Build custom dashboards for devices

Device outputs, or different measurement are not always appropriately displayed using simple numbers. Choose from a selection of elements to customize your dashboard view: Gauge, Switch, Number input, Line Chart, Button, Table and more.

Set notifications if something goes wrong

Set alerts for when values on a device exceed a certain range so you can arrive on-site to resolve the problem immediately. Malfunctioning devices and faulty experiments are inevitable, but don’t let them drain you.

Customize and share dashboards

Multiple scientists in the lab are using the same equipment, so why not share your dashboards in a similar way? Take advantage of custom share settings and adapt the dashboard view to your personal need using Drag&Drop.


Create multi-step automations

Commonly performed experiments usually contain a set of steps that need to be executed in order to get the appropriate results. Laboperator offers an option for custom design of work automations.

Combine several devices

Complex procedures may require scientists to use multiple devices. By combining these in dedicated workflows, more advanced experiments can be designed and executed in Laboperator.

Define parameters and actions

Create workflows to assist your experimental layouts. Coordinate the individual steps efficiently along with automated documentation.

Compliance & Security

User Rights Settings

In Laboperator, you can define rights and share settings for device dashboards as well as individual workflows. User rights can vary from administrators to users with read-only access.


If any changes are made or if data is recorded it is time stamped and accessible in a versioned history. This ensures that the quality of your data is never corrupted. You will also be able to easily navigate between the different versions.

Hosting & Deployment

On-Premise or Private Cloud – Installation and Administration from a single source. Cloud solutions are hosted and administered by us.


Connecting software

The potential of digitization can only be realized when successfully integrating multiple software to each other. Our IoT-platform and your LIMS, ELN, CDS or ERP-Systems may be connected to automate data transfer.

Laboperator API

Laboperator offers a rich API that allows for the integration of different tools and supports common data formats like JSON.

Read our comprehensive API documentation here.

Individual Support

Implementation assistance

We help you to develop new processes and to deploy them. Together with the laboratory employees, our well-trained support team will analyze your requirements and guide you during the implementation phase.

Creation of custom modules

Our platform can be tailored to your requirements using flexible extensions. Through a joint analysis, we can understand your individual processes and focus specifically on the adaption of complex automation scenarios.

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