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Evaporation challenges

  • In most laboratories, the Rotavapor® is intensively used on a daily basis as it is an important step in most synthesis. Nowadays rotary evaporators are automatized but some steps could be further simplified
  • The maintenance of a Rotavapor® is fairly easy as it consist in some parameters and visual aspects to keep an eye on. When the leak of the system raises, attention should be given to the rotary evaporator which should probably undergo a maintenance.
  • Several rotary evaporators are usually present in most laboratories. It can be a hassle to keep in mind which one should have a maintenance. As there is usually several users for a rotary evaporator, another difficulty is to find an available Rotavapor®.

Monitoring of the maintenance needs with Laboperator

Our solution automates rotary evaporator use and maintenance monitoring. No need to physically check the Rotavapor® leak, a notification will be sent on the dashboard alerting which Rotavapor should undergo a maintenance check by having a leak test performed. Once the leak test is performed, the data shown on the dashboard with a history helping to follow up on previous tests.

Monitoring of the Rotavapor® use

Members of a lab can manage all the rotary evaporators in a dashboard, in order to know which rotary evaporator is not in use. Efficiency in the laboratory is improved and frustration is lowered.


Advantages of laboratory monitoring

Monitor experiments remotely
Real-time Notifications
Optimize Operations
Monitor Instrument Performance

Laboratory monitoring enables you to collect and collate data from connected devices without human assistance. With device monitoring, you can receive updates in real-time and detect anomalies in your equipment. The system connects you to your devices, enabling greater flexibility and agility in the laboratory.

By implementing laboratory monitoring you can collect high-throughput data, onto a centralized platform. It allows you to maximise your equipment’s potential, in doing so you can streamline your experimental procedures, adjusting them with no compromises having to be made over time of day or attendance. In short, a monitoring system enables you to have greater control over your laboratory.

Advantages of lab monitoring, laptop with Laboperator interface

Monitor your devices 24/7

  • With Laboperator you are able to connect instrument sensors such as fridges, incubators, etc. to passively monitor parameters when required.
  • With remote access, you can detect any irregularities in your equipment, and also conduct experiments at any time of the day at no inconvenience.
  • You are also able to connect and track any instrument in the laboratory, this includes scales, shakers and moisturizers. With this platform all devices are available on one single interface, uniting the laboratory environment.
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