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Cold storage challenges

  • In most laboratories: monitoring cold storage is manual and documented with pen and paper.
  • Requires a staff member to physically go to the freezer several times per day to check temperature and document it on a paper based form that is usually taped to the door of the freezer
  • Can also require hiring additional staff to perform these physical checks during non-business hours such as nights and holidays

Cold storage monitoring with Laboperator

Our solution automates temperature monitoring 24/7 – no need to physically check freezers. If freezer or fridge goes outside a set temperature range, staff members can be notified via in-app notification or by email.

Connect devices and create smart workflows

  • Smart and agile laboratory execution system (LES) that connects laboratory equipment to a central platform, enabling laboratory teams to automate and monitor existing laboratory devices.
  • Members of a lab can manage their laboratory remotely, whilst collecting and analyzing instrument data in real-time, significantly improving productivity, and precision of work.


Advantages of laboratory monitoring

Monitor experiments remotely
Real-time Notifications
Optimize Operations
Monitor Instrument Performance

Laboratory monitoring enables you to collect and collate data from connected devices without human assistance. With device monitoring, you can receive updates in real-time and detect anomalies in your equipment. The system connects you to your devices, enabling greater flexibility and agility in the laboratory.

By implementing laboratory monitoring you can collect high-throughput data, onto a centralized platform. It allows you to maximise your equipment’s potential, in doing so you can streamline your experimental procedures, adjusting them with no compromises having to be made over time of day or attendance. In short, a monitoring system enables you to have greater control over your laboratory.

Advantages of lab monitoring, laptop with Laboperator interface

Monitor your devices 24/7

  • With Laboperator you are able to connect instrument sensors such as fridges, incubators, etc. to passively monitor parameters when required.
  • With remote access, you can detect any irregularities in your equipment, and also conduct experiments at any time of the day at no inconvenience.
  • You are also able to connect and track any instrument in the laboratory, this includes scales, shakers and moisturizers. With this platform all devices are available on one single interface, uniting the laboratory environment.
Laboperator interface for all devices, resources and workflows

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