Modular systems to integrate and automate your lab environment

All your lab equipment and data connected

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Universal Device Integration
Lab Automation
Lab Monitoring
Laboratory Execution System

Unleash your full potential

Increase efficiency for a more economic resource usage

Lab automation

Connect devices and create smart workflows

  • Connect all your laboratory equipment
  • Build your own automated workflows
  • Control laboratory devices remotely
  • Analyze output from several instruments
  • Export data to other software


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Flexible Workflows combine automated and manual steps

Lab monitoring

All your lab devices in one application

  • Monitor your data in real time
  • Combine experiments in one dashboard
  • Get notified when instrument values are out of range
  • Integrate safety protocols and reports
  • Access historical data in a full audit trail


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Dashboards help you oversee device data in real-time

Simplify data acquisition

Free your data from silos

Too much information in different places? Unify your way of research data collection to make data easily accessible.

Combine your data in one platform

Capture large data streams in an organized manner. Integrate important information in research documentation systems.

Effortless device management

Get overviews of instrument behaviour and usage. Facilitate the maintenance of your lab equipment in a preventive manner.

Data silos generate an unorganized flow of data and device information
Laboperator helps to direct the flow of data in an organized manner